Fresh and seasonal lots that distinctly express terroir and character in the cup.


Don Benjie - Geisha
from £30.00£126.00
Soledad - Geisha
from £18.00£72.00
Los Rodriguez - Batian
from £18.00£72.00
El Diviso - Ombligon
from £20.00£72.00
El Mirador - Pink Bourbon
from £18.00£64.00
Frinsa - Borbor, P88
from £16.00£56.00
Buku Hambela - Heirloom
from £16.00£56.00
Gicherori - SL28, SL34
from £16.00£56.00
Patio Bonito - Pink Bourbon
from £16.00£56.00
Intego - Red bourbon
from £14.00£48.00
Cata Project - Seasonal Espresso
from £15.00£52.00

ORDERs delay

We are away visiting our partners coffee producers in Panama.

Our Roastery and online store will be closed from Friday 23rd February until Monday 4th March.

All orders placed during our absence will be processed as soon as we return on Monday 4th March.

Thank you for your patience.