Wilder Garcia – Bourbon

Microlot (87-89 points)

Wilder Garcia, Cajamarca, Peru – Washed Bourbon

– “A beautiful and extremely juicy Bourbon varietal grown and processed by a young and progressive producer Wilder Garcia”. 

What to expect in the cup

Blackcurrant, yuzu, wild honey. Incredibly sweet and clean cup with juicy complex acidity and elegant floral honey aroma.


This micro-lot is composed of only Bourbon varietal and it’s processed washed. After the harvest, cherries are de pulped on the same day and fermented for 48 hours in hermetic tanks before drying in solar dryers. This touch of extended fermentation results in an exceptional high quality cup profile which instantly grabbed our attention when we cupped on the table. The farm produces around 720 quintals of parchment annually (1 quintal = 46kg of green coffee beans).
Wilder Garcia is a young producer based in Huabal, Cajamarca. The region counts as one of the most productive areas in Peru. Wilder owns 23 hectares of land, 16 of which he uses for coffee production. He has introduced a new tissue management system based on a two-year cycle and skeletal pruning. This means that Wilder divides his land into two blocks. These blocks are pruned on a rotational basis to ensure consistent production over the long term. Temperatures vary between 17 and 23 °C, relative humidity between 60 and 80%, and annual rainfall between 1,900 and 2,300 litres per square metre. The climatic conditions are ideal, as the farm is located in a perfect living zone for Arabica coffee. The average farm size in Peru is about three hectares, which makes the structure of the coffee industry very fragmented. There is also generally less investment in roads and infrastructure, so transporting coffee can be slow, costly, and even dangerous.