Cata Project - Seasonal Espresso

Microlot (87-89 points)

El Diviso + Las Flores + Patio Bonito, Huila, Colombia – Natural CM Pink & Yellow Bourbon

– “Our seasonal house espresso special collaboration lot by our dear friends Nestor Lasso, Jhoan Vergara & Paola Trujillo with the support from Cata Export”. 

What to expect in the cup

Pomegranate, coconut, nutella. Incredibly sweet and exotic cup profile with creamy texture and outstanding aroma.


This particular lot is made up of Pink & Yellow Bourbon from three close friends producers Nestor Lasso, Jhoan Vergara & Paola Trujillo (Finca El Diviso, Finca Las Flores & Finca Patio Bonito). Only the ripest cherries are manually selected by measuring brix levels to at least 20 brix. The next step is oxidation over night or aerobic fermentation in order to soften up the coffee fruit and begin fermentation. And then the fruits are placed in tanks with added Mossto (previous juice concentrate from the coffee fruit where they control microbiology in order to enhance fruit forward flavour profile), and finally introduced CO2 and left to ferment Carbonic Maceration for 36 hours. And the final step is drying for 10 – 15 days depending on weather conditions and humidity. The results are amazing and we are incredibly proud to be taking part of this project we called “Cata Project” and we cannot wait to visit Nestor, Jhoan and Paola again soon and continue to grow together our special relationship for years to come.
Cata Natural CM Pink & Yellow Bourbon is created exclusively for Sweven by selecting the best batches that can complement each other. Our team of selectors manually separate grain by grain to obtain a unique and particular lot aimed at special customers. At Cata Export we design our own grinding processes, this is really very important and exclusive, since in Colombia producers do not usually do it and much is unknown about this subject, we also have equipment for pixel selection, density selection, selection of meshes and manual selection, thus reducing the waste of high-quality coffee and also ensuring that we offer something unique to our customers in Europe. In this particular lot designed for Sweven, we blend three coffees by three close friends: Paola Trujillo from Patio Bonito farm, Pink Bourbon Carbonic maceration natural. Nestor Lasso from El Diviso Farm their classic signature pink bourbon natural. Jhoan Vergara from Las Flores Farm Yellow Bourbon Natural. Nestor has been consulting his friends on post harvest process for 4 years now and Cata Export has bringing them into the specialty market in the UK little by little, today their Natural processes are well known and Cata is being able to increase their volumes. We found this mix would be suitable for Sweven for many reasons – this profile is juicy, fruity and with a lot of character and the other reason is that Jimmy and Aga have met those producers when visiting Colombia, then why not to make a blend to celebrate the partnership Sweven has with these producers already.