Majorelle - Sidra

Rare & Exclusive lot (88+ points)

Majorelle, Napo, Ecuador – Washed Sidra

– “A stunning representation of our favourite varietal produced by an ambitious young producer and our dear friend Grego Andrade”. 

What to expect in the cup

Elderberry, persimmon, lavender. Incredibly sweet and juicy cup profile bursting with fresh citrus acidity combined with a long lasting botanical finish.


Marjorelle was born in 2016 as a project from the Andrade Ochoa Family. The farm has 38 hectares of which 20 are dedicated to coffee production. The farm is located in a unique natural biosphere of the Amazonian Andes in Ecuador, it sits between the active volcano Reventador and the dormant volcano Cayambe. The farm is also inside ‘Coca-Cayambe Natural Reserve’ which is incredibly rich in biodiversity and home to many unique species of plants, trees and animals. The growing conditions in the farms are challenging because of the high humidity and annual rainfall. Although Marjorelle has a natural fungicide and fertiliser which is the ashes that the Reventador volcano is constantly casting over the area. This helps the plant’s health enormously. The soil is a fine sandy loam. The cherries of this tiny Sidra lot are washed, selected by hand on a raised bed and then fermented in bags for 12 hours. The coffee is then pulped and washed before being laid on African beds inside ventilated polytunnels for controlled drying.
We have come across this farm by a very lucky accident when blind cupping new harvest samples in Quito during our visit in Ecuador. The two owners – a sweet couple Marcelo and Catalina Andrade were at the cupping and we instantly felt the warmth and charisma in their presence and we absolutely fell in love with their coffees. As we were cupping along Marcelo mentioned that his son Grego is a student at Cardiff University and as soon as we returned back home Grego paid us a visit at our coffee shop to share some coffees with us just before his graduation. Grego is now back home and has taken the helm of all things developing the farm and the results are outstanding. This very small lot of Sidra is simply stunning and this is Majorelle’s very first appearance in the UK, it’s a must try! This particular lot was meant to enter the Cup of Excellence in Ecuador this year, but instead it was sent to us due to the limited amount of only 30kg, which sadly wasn’t quite enough to reach the minimum volume required.