Don Benjie - Geisha

World Class lot (90+ points)

Café Don Benjie, Bajo Mono, Panama – Natural CM Geisha

– “An intricate and truly world class award winning lot of renowned Panamanian Geisha produced by our dear friend Stefan Müller”. 

What to expect in the cup

Blueberry, mango, jasmine. Exceptionally sweet and juicy with extraordinary floral candy cup qualities and complex structure.


This special Geisha varietal lot #CM-2 Fatima was harvested in January 13th, 2023 and then processed Carbonic Maceration until January 19th, 2023 (total 6 days fermentation in sealed tanks with flushed C02). The fruits are then taken out and slow dried on raised beds for 20 days until they reach desired moisture content. The cherries are then stored in a cool and dry place to stabilise for 6 months before they go into hulling and milling process and start preparation for export. This particular lot took 4th place in the World Brewers Cup Championships in Melbourne in 2022 and we feel honoured to have been able to secure only 25kg of this gem.
Since we visited Stefan back in 2017, we always knew that one day our paths will cross again and five years later, here we go, we are bringing some truly special lot of Panamanian Geisha from one of our all time favourite farms in Panama. Café Don Benjie Estate, home to Café Don Benjie, consists of 33 hectares in the Highlands of Boquete located in the Bajo Mono Canyon, at the slopes of the Barú Volcano. The farm lies alongside the pristine waters of the Caldera River in the Bajo Mono Canyon and the altitude of the plantation ranges from 1400 to 1550 meters. Bajo Mono is known amongst the best regions for growing great quality coffees, as the region is blessed with volcanic soil, crystal clear spring water fountains, and the afternoon mist that locals call Bajareque, forming one of the many microclimates that make the region famous for specialty coffee growing and some of the best Geisha in the world. The De Dianous Family arrived in Boquete in 1914 w here Gabriel de Dianous purchased the first coffee farm also in Bajo Mono. Ever since then, the family has been in the coffee business. Hacienda Bajo Mono was first owned by an American Lady, Mrs. Archer who was one of the pioneers in Boquete. Dr Renan Esquivel, a very well known Panamanian pediatrician purchased the farm in the 1980s. He was a nature enthusiast and he planted many exotic trees, plants and coffee varietals that are still being preserved by the current owners Jose Benjamin de Dianous G. and Stefan Arwed Müller who started operating the farm in 2011, committed to quality and preserving the environment.

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