Sin Limites - Villasarchi

Microlot (87-89 points)

Sin Limites, West Valley, Costa Rica – Red Honey Villasarchi

– “A stunningly refined ‘Cup of Excellence’ lot by talented and award winning coffee producer Jaime Cardenas”. 

What to expect in the cup

Peach, red apple, candy floss. Very sweet and clean with crisp stone fruit acidity and mouth-watering juicy texture.


Sin Limites uses a milling process known as “honeying” to remove just the skin of the coffee cherry while leaving some of the fruit’s flesh on the seed during the drying stage. The process transfers some of the fruit sugar into the seed and results in a complex, clean and delicious cup profile.
An 80-minute drive into the mountains outside San Jose, Costa Rica, the 2.5-acre Sin Limites coffee farm and mill produces coffee on a whole new level. Translated to “without limits” in English, Sin Limites is owned and operated by Jaime Cardenas. You could say he married into the coffee business. His wife, Maribel, and her siblings are part of the Barrantes family, whose coffees are known worldwide. Undaunted, Jaime set about learning as much as he could and even built his micro-mill on his wife’s farm. In their first year of production, Sin Limites won the prestigious Cup of Excellence competition. Jaime and Maribel invested much of their winnings in new infrastructure and plant improvements, the remainder was donated to a local church. Like other coffee producers, Jaime and his family face more than their fair share of adversity. Through their passion, innovative processing and hard work they’re able to transcend limitations and deliver an outstanding cup of coffee.