La Florida - Typica Mejorado "INOX"

Rare & Exclusive lot (89+ points)

Hacienda La Florida, Sozoranga, Ecuador — Washed CM Typica Mejorado “INOX”

– “A rare and stunning experimental lot of Ecuadorian Typica Mejorado produced by our good friend Fabricio Coronel”. 

What to expect in the cup

Juniper, yuzu, lemon balm. Amazingly sweet and clean with extraordinary botanical complexity and refreshing citrus-herbaceous finish.


This pico lot of Typica Mejorado was fermented for 12 hours in cherry, then pulped and the coffee is placed in a stainless steel tank for 3 days until pH reaches 3.7. And finally, the drying process occurs in a dark room for 15 to 20 days where temperature and humidity are controlled. Typica Mejorado is extremely rare variety and it originates and grows only in Ecuador. After visiting Fabricio in the summer of 2022, we were blown away by the attention to detail he applies in his processing. He is the first producer in Ecuador to have invested in stainless steel tanks for immaculately processing coffee under precise controlled environment. We named this particular lot “INOX” which is a collective, colloquial term for a steel based material developed over 100 years ago. The “INOX” or fermented in stainless steel tanks coffees deliver incredibly clean and refined results in the cup which fit perfectly with the delicate and complex profile of this stunning Typica Mejorado.
Winners of the 2020 Taza Dorada in Ecuador and coffee used by 2021 Brewers Cup World Champion. La Florida is run by the Coronel family and it’s a perfect example of a sustainable integrated farm which produces world class coffees. They are experienced land workers, producing in their land sugar cane, fruit and vegetables, breed pigs, tilapia fish and cultivate one of the healthiest plantations of coffee we’ve seen so far. The Coronel family run an agroforestry system in the farm where they pay special attention to the soil. They strongly believe that a healthy soil, adapted to the plant’s needs and to the environment is crucial for achieving good cup quality. Hacienda La Florida was acquired by the Coronel family in 1993. They tell us that this was a Spanish hacienda back in colonial times and an indigenous settlement before then. The climate in the area is very warm and dry. It is surrounded by a primary forest which holds a wide biodiversity like orchids, civets, armadillos, deer and pumas. Most of which are often seen in the farm. Ramiro and his younger brother Fabrizio are both agricultural engineers. They have been cultivating coffee since 2014 after being introduced to the cultivation of specialty coffee by a project from the ministry of agriculture to re-activate the coffee production in the country. After this initial support, La Florida has evolved independently and towards a sustainable agriculture of quality.