El Cambalache - Maracaturra

Microlot (87-89 points)

El Cambalache, Ocotal, Nicaragua — Washed Maracaturra

– “A rare cross between Maragogype and Caturra grown and processed by a talented award winning producer Abner Samuel Zavala”. 

What to expect in the cup

Blackcurrant, orange, butterscotch. Very sweet and juicy with “Kenya-like” bright citrus acidity and thick buttery mouthfeel.


Maracaturra is a variety that comes from a mutation of a cross between Maragogype and Caturra. The story tells that this happened in Brazil. The variety was introduced to Nicaragua approximately 80 years ago, Nicaragua being the largest producer of Maracaturra and where the variety has best adapted. After harvesting, the coffee is floated and pulped, and fermented for 18 to 24 hours before being washed. The coffee is always sent in plastic bags and macen bags to the mill, always ensuring the cleanliness of the means of transport. The coffee received in the dry mill, is sent to African beds inside a micro tunnel (greenhouse) for drying. In the mill, coffee is never in contact with the ground, and to move it during drying, PVC rakes are used. When the coffee is dry, it is stored in a special area within the cellar, always separated from the other coffees that are in the mill. Coffee storage is always done using plastic bags and new macen bags. The coffee is lifted from patios at a humidity of 11 to 11.5% and stored and stowed in warehouses with the necessary conditions for the rest time about a month (for certified coffee, it has its special area, and this is stored in plastic bag and macen bag). Then the coffee is threshed and classified according to the preparation required by the client and packed in Jute bags and Ecotact bags, with the corresponding ICO.
Abner Samuel Zavala González and his sister Indira Paola Zavala represent the third generation of coffee producers. This farm was inherited from them 6 years ago and during this time they have dedicated themselves to the production of specialty coffees with exotic varieties. The farm El Cambalache is located in the Community of El Cambalache, Dipilto Municipality, Nueva Segovia Department, has an area of 8 productive coffee blocks with a height that ranges between 1300-1500 meters above sea level with exceptional conditions to produce specials thanks to its microclimate, temperature (17-25 ° C) and its loamy clay soils. The farm is composed of four different varieties (Maracaturra 50%, Pacamara 20%, Caturra 15%, Gesha 15%), all these varieties are grown under the shade of Guaba, Bucaro, musaceas and avocado with a lot on the agro ecology and cleaner production trying to minimise the use of chemicals at the farm to almost zero. El Cambalache and their Maracaturra won 2nd place of the Nicaragua COE in 2021, and 7th place of the Nicaragua COE in 2022.