Burtukaana - Heirloom

Microlot (87-89 points)

Uraga, Guji, Ethiopia – Natural Heirloom

– “An outstanding lot of Ethiopian Heirloom from the celebrated Siko washing station located in the highlands of Guji”.

What to expect in the cup

Watermelon, papaya, jasmine. Extremely sweet and velvety with multi-layered tropical fruits acidity and outstanding floral fragrance.


Cherries are collected manually and hand sorted later. This coffee is wet-fermented for 24 to 72 hours, depending on the weather. The coffee is then washed in channels, and graded in water by density. The ones with lower density (lower quality) will float and are removed, leaving only the denser, and therefore higher quality beans, which are separated as higher grade lots. After fermentation, soaking takes place for 6 hours. The coffee is then piled up in layers which are 2 cm in height. It is then dried over a 13-day period, followed by hand sorting for 2-4 hours. After drying, the coffees are packed in jute bags and stored in the local warehouse onsite, separated by process and grade. Lot sizes can vary from 100 – 300 bags. This process helps condition the coffee and achieve a more uniform humidity. They will normally be stored 1-2 months before they are moved. In some cases, the parchment is hand-sorted in the warehouse.
This lot comes from a washing station named Siko. Located in the Siko village of Uraga, Guji, this washing station produces quality cup profiles and high-scoring lots. The station buys cherries from around 500 neighbouring farmers, whose farms sit at high altitudes of 2100 – 2250 masl. The land’s rich, fertile, red soils, combined with constant sunlight exposure, allow the well-trained farmers to grow high quality coffee we keep coming back for. In the Oromiffa language, “burtukaana” means “orange” which in a way represents the flavour profile of this incredible coffee. We have heard a lot in the past about Siko and the time has finally come to purchase our first of many lots to come from this highly acclaimed and regarded for its quality washing station. It’s fair to say the the results in the cup are simply mind blowing and we hope you enjoy this beautiful example of an Ethiopian heirloom grown at as high as 2250masl!